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Historical Development
Time Important Events
Jul. 2003 Establishes 杏康科技股份有限公司 w/ paid-in capital of NTD1 million
Sep. 2006 GIGASTORAGE applies for the leading project to Industrial Development Bureau and starts the development of PV conductive paste
Jun. 2007 The Opto-Electronic Material Div. in GIGASTORAGE starts for mass production and sales of photovoltaic Al paste
Aug. 2007 The Opto-Electronic Material Div. in GIGASTORAGE receives subsidies from Industrial Development Bureau for the development of photovoltaic Ag paste
Oct. 2008 Issues 10 million unit of new stock as the consideration from GIGASTORAGE to the Opto-Electronic Material Div.; paid-in capital reaches NTD101 million afterward
Nov. 2008 Company name changes to GIGA SOLAR MATERIALS CORP.
Aug. 2009 Capital increase of NTD100 million; paid-in capital reaches NTD201million afterward
Sep. 2009 IPO approved
Oct. 2009 Applies for the emerging stock market registration and over-the-counter stock exchange
Nov. 2010 Applies for stock exchange as a public listing company
Jun. 2011 Establishes a subsidiary in Suzhou, China
Dec. 2011 Establishes a subsidiary in Southern Taiwan Science Park and a manufacturing location
Jun. 2012 Completes the construction of the largest ground-type Solar Energy System of single area in Taiwan (Tainan Syuejia Power Plant)
Aug. 2013 Purchase the golf course in Fukushima, Japan and plans on construction of a PV generation system with about 17MW capacity.
Oct. 2014 Grid-connects the 2.35MW PV generation systems in Chiba, Japan